Skills, Tests, Achievement, Recognition – this is what STARSkate is all about!

At Armstrong Enderby Skating Club we celebrate each of our STAR SKATERS' achievements at practice, fun competitions, official Skate Canada competitions, Test Days, and Shows. Each skater is a valued member of our Club, and our Star Programs are designed to allow individual skaters to choose a commitment level that suits their personal goals. We have skaters entering our figure skating program as young as 4 years old, continuing on through their grade 12 graduation, and returning as adult skaters, or furthering their careers as a Coach.

Star 1 - entry level figure skating. Group lessons/off-ice training included in registration fees. 

Star 2 - figure skaters have skated in Star 1, and have been invited by Director of Skating. Stroking lessons & Group off-ice lessons included in registration fees. All other lessons arranged with Coach directly. 

Star 3 to Gold - Stroking lesson/off-ice included in registration fees. All other lessons arranged with Coach directly.

New this season: TEEN/ADULT SKATE for the new skater, recreational skater, or those wanting to return to competition! We welcome all new members at any time of the season.


*All Star Skate members will receive additional information from our Director of Skating, Tannis Crerar, regarding equipment, lessons, competitions, club involvement, etc.*

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