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Start their skating foundation with us!

CANSKATE is Skate Canada's nationally standardized learn-to-skate program.  Led by Skate Canada Certified coaches and designed for beginners of all ages, the program focuses on basic skill development in an energetic, progressive and fun atmosphere.  

As Canada's official learn-to-skate program, CanSkate provides a pathway for skaters to enjoy skating recreationally, or go on to participate in ice sports such as figure skating, hockey and ringette.  

Skills learned are categorized within the CanSkate Fundamental Movements:  Go Forward, Go Backward, Stop, Turn, Spin and Jump.  Skaters progress from Stage 1 through Stage 7 in the program, earning badges, and other incentives along the way. Stage 7 is for skaters who want to move into figure skating.  

Stage 1 - Balance

Stage 2 - Glide Forward

Stage 3 - Glide Backward

Stage 4 - Edges

Stage 5 - Power

Stage 6 - Speed

Stage 7 (optional) - Pre-Preliminary


PRE-CANSKATE is designed for preschool-aged children (3&4 years) who are just learning to skate. Lessons are 30 minutes, instructed by Head Coach & PA's.


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CANSKATE is developed for school-aged children (5-11 years), and for preschoolers who have passed Pre-CanSkate. Lessons are 45 minutes, instructed by Head Coach & PA's.

TEEN/ADULT is for ages 12-Adult wanting to learn how to skate. Lessons are 60 minutes Friday evenings.

PROGRAM ASSISTANTS: Our learn-to-skate programs maintain a low coach-to-student ratio with the assistance of club figure skaters. PA's are trained to encourage your skater's confidence and skill building, under the supervision of our Coaches. 

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