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Frequently Asked Questions for Canskate:

  • Do Skaters need to bring their own equipment?

    • Yes! All skaters must have their own skates as well as a CSA Approved Hockey Helmet.  We do not provide any skates or helmets.​ 


  • Should my skater wear hockey skates or figure skates?

    • That is up to you!  The most important part is that they skates fit properly and have staunch support.  If your skater is wanting to go into figure skating it is best to get them into figure skates sooner rather than later.​

  • What kind of clothes should my skater wear?

    • Warm ones!  Warm layers are recommended that allow skaters full range of body movement.  Gloves are highly rec recommended!      

  • Is full hockey gear recommended?

    • No, young skaters just learning to skate can be hindered in their movements due to the bulkiness of the hockey gear.  If your skater wants to wear knee pads and elbow pads, we recommend putting them on UNDER skaters' sweaters and pants as the rigid plastic can be slippery on the ice.​  ​

  • How can  best prepare my skater for their first lesson? ​

    • Have your skater practice standing up and walking around on a carpeted area in their skates to get them comfortable walking on a thin blade.  Let them know mom and dad will not be on the ice with them but watching and cheering them on from the stands!​ 

  •  When can my skater enter Star 1 to start figure skating?

    • Once skaters have passed their Stage 3 badge within the CanSkate program they can register for Star 1.  Skaters may be invited to Star 1 by the Director of Skating.

  • My Skater is nervous to be on the ice without me, can parents come on the ice with their skaters?​

    • Unfortunately, no, our classes are not parent and tot classes.  All of our coaches are Skate Canada Certified coaches ready to handle all levels of skaters.  Parents are welcome to watch and cheer from the stands!


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